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Grand Opening

Grand Opening!

That’s right, your long years of waiting are over, I am finally launching my Blog!

My dream of being a writer is now officially elevated to action. I have sea stories to tell. I have written a novel (keep your eyes on this site), short stories, articles, jokes, even a screenplay, and this blog is the portal to all that delicious content.

If you have ever cast that last line off, and felt your spirits rise as the dock drifts farther away, if the surge of the engines pushing you farther away from shore, was indistinguishable from the surge of elation that the open horizon inspires in your soul, if the smell of diesel fuel elicits fond memories of lighting off the engines and motoring into the sunset, or if you have ever dreamed or imagined those feelings… then these stories are for you.

For those of you who don’t know me, I am a former ship’s captain with over 25 years at sea. I started at the very bottom, and worked down from there to the Captain’s Chair. My stories range the entire span of Earths longitude and (navigable) Latitude, and to each and every continent and ocean.

They are available for your reading pleasure here. Bookmark it, share it, post it on your wall, Tweet, tell your friends. Travel with me, every Sunday morning, as I share stories, pictures, and excerpts from my novel and my love of Mother Ocean.

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