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Surviving to tell the Story

“I was eighty feet in the air; standing at the top of the mast in a modern-day version of a crow’s nest. No railings, nothing to hold onto, just a few square feet of open deck high in the sky. Every instinct in my body begged me to lay down and cling for dear life, but I had work to do, and it required standing. So I stood there, precariously atop a tiny open platform, surrounded by nothing but empty space in every direction. The wind howled as it whipped past, pushing me, urging me to the edge. The mast and rigging stretched out below me, the massive gear shrinking in perspective as it receded to the point where the people below looked like ants crawling on a toy ship.

The last thought before I stepped off the mast into space was about the story. Surviving to tell the story is the most important part.”

From “There I Was…Sea Stories, Tall Tales and other True Lies” If you like it, you can purchase the book for a mere $3.99 on Smashwords.

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