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There I Was... 

Sea Stories, Tall Tales & Other True Lies
My Story

Like 17 generations of Babsons before me, I went to sea. For over 25 years I travelled the watery part of the world.  Across the Oceans, the length and breadth of the Earth I wandered, in search of adventure. Because adventures are where the stories are born. 

My life as a Mariner started in the US Navy, in the twilight years of the great Battleships. From the Navy to the Merchant Marine, I tried to work every ship in the fleet. Freighters, Tankers, Yachts, Ferries, Research and Survey ships,  if it floated, I worked it. They all have different stories to tell, and it all about the story.

It’s been ten years since I last shipped out. It's not the first time Ithaca cured a Mariner of  wanderlust. Now the travels continue in the stories. 

My Books

There I Was...

My Books

"Spins a yarn like a master"

If you have spent any time at sea this book will touch that part of your heart that never left the sea. If you have never been to sea these stories will draw you into the world of the mariner and allow you to see the world from a prospective you never imagined. Captain Clifford Babson spins a yarn like a master. I highly recommend this book to anyone, seafarer or landlover, that enjoys a good story.

Charles Alexander

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